Subcutaneous ICD Hands-on Workshop

Faculty: Dr. Martin C. Burke, University of Chicago & Dr. Jeff Healey, McMaster University

Dr. Martin Burke is the Director of the Heart Rhythm Center at the University of Chicago. He was a key member of the S-ICD Investigational Device Exemption trial in the US. Dr. Burke also played an active role in refining the implant technique with the improvements being incorporated into the formal training program. He helped design the S-ICD physician training curriculum and has been on the training faculty for 15 training courses, training approximately 500 physicians on the procedure. To date he has implanted 67 S-ICDs.

This Workshop will include a review of the clinical data on the S-ICD™, patient selection, patient screening, and the implant procedure. Hands-on training for patient screening and the implant technique will also be provided.


1) Integrating the S-ICD™ System into Your Clinical Practice

  • Clinical evidence (safety and efficacy)
  • Patient selection discussion

2) Implementing the S-ICD™ System in Your Clinical Practice

  • Safe and effective S-ICD™ system implant procedures
    • a) Patient screening
    • b) Implant procedure
  • Safe and effective follow-up
  • Patient management (programming considerations, exercise testing, failed DFTs, challenging anatomy, large patients, etc)

3) S-ICD™ System Breakout Sessions (limited to physicians and scrub-in RNs and PAs)

  • Implant procedure – prep/drape/tunneling/induction
  • Patient ECG screening/case scenario troubleshooting