Ontario Association of Cardiologists – OAC

Computers are changing how we practice cardiology in Ontario now – the OAC’s role

  • How imaging physicians are leading the way (cardiologists , radiologists and nuclear med docs )
  • Can and should cardiologists work with the players – benefits and risks
  • Status update of the integration of the level 4 EMR with E- Health , HRM , Hials and Di R
  • Why cardiologists need a cardiology specific EMR
  • Where are we headed and how can you stay up to date with the electronic transformation

OAC Billing Seminar

  • CANDI – it is not what you think
  • Ontario cardiologist billing profile
  • Case review of common and controversial billing situations
  • Why it’s important to bill correctly
  • How to get a new billing code in the schedule
  • Negotiations update