ECG Workshop

How to differentiate supraventricular tachycardias

The ECG Workshop will take place over two sessions on Friday and Saturday.

SESSION #1: Review of an easy-to-learn algorithm for the differential diagnosis of supraventricular arrhythmias. At the end of the meeting, a new ECG interpretation skill evaluation tool with ten cases will be distributed as homework for the next session. This software is a novel educational tool utilizing online technology to assess and compare the competency of participants in ECG interpretation and management of critical diagnoses. Its added strength comes from its ability to assess the impact of using the clinical history on the accuracy of ECG interpretation when compared to using pattern recognition methods alone. Widely accessible and easy to use, this evaluation method is a highly attractive tool for 21st century educator, allowing training programs to assess the efficacy of their ECG teaching, and to inform them in how to improve their teaching methods in effective ECG interpretation.

During the 12th International Winter Arrhythmia School meeting, you will be able to anonymously test your ECG Interpretation skills using this novel methodology.

SESSION #2: Review of the homework cases with an auto-evaluation test. Final considerations.